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 Verdrag ondertekent op 19 mei 1455 [Engeland]

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BerichtOnderwerp: Verdrag ondertekent op 19 mei 1455 [Engeland]   za mei 19, 2007 8:41 pm

Treaty between the County of Holland and The Kingdom of England


We, citizens of England and the Holland, are proud peoples who share the same blood through our common ancestors. We share the same ocean as our horizon, and the same will to stand strong in the face of undue pressure coming from any county or duchy of said county that threatens us. As of now, through this treaty, we’re joining our efforts for the greatness and prosperity of our two lands, which have enjoyed so many years of friendship.

I. Cultural Harmony

1. Language
Each duchy or county party to this treaty will send a competent ambassador to the alliance, able to speak both languages, and enjoying the trust of the duke or count so that s/he can be certain that all exchanges will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Translations
If circumstances allow, the ambassadors can be requested by any member of a duchy or county party to the treaty to make a translation destined to the official instances of their duchy or county. For existing texts that are modified and require translation, the translation can be partial, and restricted to the portion(s) that was(were) modified.

3. The People
The dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s hereby vow to promote exchanges between the towns of each duchy and county.

4. Financing
Any person, group or institution which speaks in the name of the Council of a County or a Duke(duchess)/Count(ess) his/herself preparing an action/investment can request a financial assistance from the alliance. The request will then be discussed during the dialogue phase (see II-2)

II. Political Harmony

1. Embassies
In every duchy or county party to the treaty, a hall of discussion will be set in place (in the forum). Access to this hall will be restricted to the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s currently in place, as well as a part or the whole of their respective council members. Ambassadors will have the power to translate messages in a direct fashion (through edition).

2. Dialogue - Talks
At least once every two weeks, the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s or Ambassadors of the nations/counties will meet inside the alliance’s embassy in order to discuss their policies, that of their neighbors and any subject placed on the meeting’s agenda by any one of them.

III. Judiciary Cooperation

1. Cooperation
The judicial institutions of the alliance members vow to follow through all requests for prosecution placed by one of the members in order to punish crimes committed on its territory. The laws that will be used to prosecute the cases will be those of the county or duchy where the crime occurred.

2. Judicial System
The citizens of England tried before a Court of the County of Holland will not be subject to the laws that increase the punishments imposed on foreigners, they will be subject to the same common laws as citizens of The County of Holland, and vice-versa for citizens of the County of Holland.

3. Prosecution
The judicial institutions of the alliance members will use all means and networks of outside cooperation at their disposal to prosecute those who have committed a crime on any of our territories.

4. Sanctuary
Sanctuary from foreign law will be allowed at the dispensation of Ducal leadership or above. As there are times when judiciaries are unjust or biased regardless of treaty to the contrary. This gives leave to sovereign heads to protect those in their good grace that are wrongly persecuted elsewhere.

IV. Trade Cooperation

1. Discussions
If one of the trade ministers of the counties and duchies party to the alliance requests a meeting, the other trade ministers will have to take part in the meeting.

2. Privileges
The members of the alliance grant each other a right of mutual preference on matters pertaining to international trade: they will always favor an offer or demand coming from one of the alliance members over an offer or demand coming from another party. In the event of a foreign offer or demand that would be more profitable than those available inside the alliance, the members of the alliance are allowed to proceed with that deal after having spoken to the trade ministers.

Both parties commit themselve to try and help each other in case of shortage of a certain product

It is agreed that the present treaty of alliance binds the counties and duchies signing it, without any validity limit, and that at the end of each election, the new duke(duchess) or count(ess) will pledge to remain true to the spirit and the word of the alliance’s text during the dialogue phase (see II-2). Moreover, as the alliance is not a frozen entity, it will be possible, after a unanimous vote of all the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s already members of the alliance, to modify or cancel the text or propose new counties or duchies for membership, all this during the dialogue phase (see II-2).

Signature of the Count of Holland:

Getekend te Den Haag op 17 mei 1455
Jeanjacob de Gilraen, Count of Holland

Signature of the Chancellor of Holland, as witness:

Getekend te Den Haag op 17 mei 1455
Sjnoel, Chancellor of Holland

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Verdrag ondertekent op 19 mei 1455 [Engeland]
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